Quail Hunting at Deep South Quail Hunts


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 Season Opens October 1, 2012

Discounts are available in one of the following categories but not both: 
to seniors, military, law enforcement and clergy
or if you book multiple hunts.

Golf cart available for handicapped or seniors. Call, write or email us for our brochure. 

NOTICE: A fourteen day cancellation notice is required. Deposits will NOT be refunded with less than 14 days remaining to your scheduled hunt.
You can stay overnight in a 30' Gulfstream Camper or, bring your own!
  We can provide meals, camping or other lodging. 
NEW SECTION opened for hunters bringing their own dogs and we also have tent camping sites available.


Welcome to Deep South Quail Hunts where you can quail, pheasant and chukar hunt on four generation owned land that we are restoring for prime quail habitat.

"Declines in quail populations have been blamed on an endless number of factors including coyotes and other predators, fire ants, pesticides and "Mexican quail". While many factors influence quail, declines have been primarily caused by deterioration of habitat quality caused by large-scale changes in the way we use land in Mississippi and throughout the South.


High bobwhite populations of past decades were usually an accidental by-product of diverse land use practices that created a quilt-like pattern of habitat patches. Thirty years ago, fields of row crops, native grass and annual weeds were well distributed among forested lands. This patchy habitat was perfect for bobwhite quail. By necessity, modern land use practices have strived to maximize production of food, fiber, and forest products and have had the net effect of simplifying the landscape. This reduction in landscape complexity has reduced the number of places where bobwhite can prosper, as well as the population size which an area can support. Also, in the face of diminishing habitat quantity and quality, declining bobwhite populations may be more vulnerable to harvest and increasing predator populations."
                                  Quail Management-Reversing the Trend
(Wes Burger & Dave Godwin)

We are striving to rebuild an area that provided little to no bobwhite quail habitat. The land  had been used for several generations as a dairy farm. Our efforts are ongoing and will probably continue for the next generation. Recent changes including clearing were necessary in order to allow for continued natural growth of bird habitat. 

We are a licensed game preserve but also know that many of our birds will not be shot and will settle close to us. It's not uncommon to bring back more quail than what was put out for you and with that, it is our hope that one day we will have again what was once and maybe, the best quail hunting in the deep south.

Welcome bird hunters!


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